“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.” 1 Corinthians 7:17

Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord assigns each of His people to a life and, what is more, calls them to it?

Before you consider the actual details and contours of your life, Christian, consider the reality of your spiritual life. Despite God’s knowledge of you–your total depravity, rebelliousness and hatred of Him–He bought you back at the great cost of His Son’s slaughter. He knew you intimately, and showed you the costliest of mercies anyways.

Now consider the Lord’s intimate knowledge of you: your hopes and struggles, your strengths and weaknesses, your needs and desires, your past and your future. Given this knowlede, He then plans out a life of behaviors and actions and beliefs and decisions you will engage in. He gives you this life and then provides you a particular venue in which to live it out. To say it another way, He assigns you to the life He has designed specifically for you. This God who always does what is good, who always acts lovingly toward His people, who desires for you to have in increasingly greater dependence on Jesus, has carefully stitched together a life for you. And it is not just a meaningless drudgery of an assignement, it is also acalling. He has called you to live this life as a mission, a mission of speaking about and living a life reflecting what Jesus Christ has done for you.

How do you view the circumstances of your life? Do you see the difficulties and sacrifices as a disappointment, an unfortunate accident or as a platform from which to celebrate your redeemed life?