Holiness is a life that’s fully and totally devoted to God – not just in the big things – but in the minor things of daily life.
God gave us the protection of community to help us from falling away from God’s promises.

Prepare to Win

September 16, 2018
The only thing that prepares disciples of Jesus for success on their dangerous mission is to continue in the goodness and power of the Word.
Jesus came into the world not to fit neatly into the world's false thinking about religion and righteousness, but to initiate a kingdom of sinners who are reconciled to God.  Seeing Jesus…

Persevering in the Word

September 2, 2018
Genuine believers persevere in the teaching of Jesus which brings increased knowledge of truth and freedom from sin.
Christians should seriously and strenuously work to be lights in the world by nurturing contentment and unity through the joy of priestly sacrificial service.

1 Corinthians 15

August 19, 2018
Hold on to the truth of the Gospel and continue laboring, knowing your work is not in vain.
True Christians are given eyes to see and seize the all-surpassing joy and worth of having Jesus as their King and the eternal benefits of entrance into His Kingdom.
The people of God's kingdom are called to persevere even the most horrific times, because in the end they will be raised to eternal life and the wicked will be…
God has sovereignly planned all of the trouble that will come to His people, and His control over them will include bringing those responsible for the trouble to an end.