Hold fast to your confession as you boldly approach the throne in trouble - because Jesus, your holy and sympathetic high priest is there to give you grace and mercy.
Despite the devil's attempts to dilute the church, Christ builds it through the ever-expanding joy of those with genuine faith.
While Joshua brought the people into physical rest in the promised land, Jesus offers a greater rest for all who trust Him.

Preach the Word!

October 27, 2019
The minister of the Word needs to have a sense of urgency to preach the Word

Those who reject the Lord are kept from understanding the news of the kingdom, while those who follow Him are given understanding.

In showing the great faithfulness of Moses, the author of Hebrews points us to one greater than him - Jesus Christ.
In their sin men can refuse to believe in Jesus even when it is plain to them; and yet if they finally relent, they will be saved.
Mankind was created to rule and reign for God, yet through our sin, we have become slaves of death and the devil. This passage teaches that Christ, who is greater…