The Word of God teaches us that men are spiritually unclean because of our sinful hearts, not for failing to keep religious traditions.

The Greater Priesthood

December 8, 2019
With Jesus as our Melchizedekian High Priest, we have a Greater Priesthood!
Jesus demonstrates that He is the divine Savior, and as such, He is to be trusted to save and satisfy us.

God's unchanging faithfulness to His promise assures us that we can hold fast to the hope.

What Gospel Sending Looks Like

November 24, 2019
On the Occasion of Our Sending Cliff & Denise Out as Disciple-Making Emissaries. Sending disciple-making emissaries (like Cliff and Denise) is a genuine act of gospel partnership.
Those who are sinfully sluggish in their Christian walk stand in an extremely dangerous position.  Hebrews gives them a warning to wake them up from their dullness.
Unrepentant sinners will always honor themselves and reject God's prophet (even if that Prophet is Jesus Himself).
Depression is rampant in our culture, so the church must be prepared to minister to those who are suffering. In this parent summit, we look at a biblical understanding of…

Work Hard, Trust God, and Rest

November 10, 2019
Human labor, though strenuous and ingenious, is not a source of security, peace, or satisfaction.