Pastor Jeff explains the proposed updates to our constitution.
The glory of the Christ comes by willingly losing His life, and it is what those who follow Him will do as well.
Whereas the Old Covenant was a shadow of things to come, Christ is the reality. He entered a greater Holy Place by the greater blood of a greater sacrifice to…
Jesus Christ will build an invincible kingdom through men confessing the truth about who He is.
Access to God was not opened yet under the Old Covenant Tabernacle.
God confounds us so that we can see Him, and Him alone, in the circumstances of our lives.

The Greater Covenant

January 5, 2020
Jesus, serving in a greater Priesthood and Tabernacle, provides what the Old Covenant cannot by mediating the New Covenant.
Two dangers that threaten the church are the spreading influence of false teaching and her own forgetfulness of God's power and past blessings.
Jesus came to save people from all nations who humbly seek mercy in their great need.
Christmas Eve Service, 2019
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