Union Lake Baptist Church is a community of believers committed to an ongoing life of growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This growth is not for our benefit alone, but with a goal of sharing Him with our local community and among the nations. God our Savior is worthy to be praised. For that reason, we want to praise Him more accurately and joyfully, as well as having many, many voices to be added to our own in worship of Him. It is for this reason that ULBC has adopted the God-glorifying, joy-producing Mission Statement:

“To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.”

In order to fulfill the first part of our Mission – to Know Jesus – we are necessarily committed to expositional preaching of the Word of God, through which we seek the rich, multi-faceted Gospel of Jesus Christ as the goal of His revelation to us. It is this life-transforming Gospel that enables us to die to sin and live to God, and so we employ it in everything we do – our preaching, teaching, counseling, discipleship, and family ministries.

In our great desire to achieve the second portion of our Mission – to Make Him Known – we strive to reach into our community and around the world primarily by proclaiming the cross of Christ. We also strive to walk in the compassionate footsteps of our Savior by frequently coupling our evangelism with mercy ministry. We purpose to make Jesus known through our individual relationships and ministries, as well as when we join together for corporate endeavors.