Update from Pierre on 8/31/17:

I met with the Board yesterday at a hotel by Gelee, a beach close by. The purpose was to give a brief report about the seminar that took place in Aquin and raised my concerns about some false teaching and practices that are making their ways within the MEBSH churches.
I was the only one invited to speak to the Board who meets a few times a year. As I was waiting in the hallway, I overheard a few discussion points from their agenda. I was entertained by the camaraderie between the members. I was also impressed by their thorough and thoughtful ways of handling the management of the organization.
When I was called in, I was honestly nervous:
1.       Even though I’ve been working with them for a while, I still felt privileged (I was the only non-board members invited), intimidated, and guilty of taking time in their already loaded agenda.
2.       I wanted to address sensitive topics without an idea where any of the 9 members stands.
I quickly presented Biblical Theology and Expositional Preaching while I gave a copy of “The Big Picture Story Bible” and “Expositional Preaching” to each one of them. Then I suggested that they use me as their ambassador in the US to conduct an initial assessment on any group or organization who desires to teach within MEBSH structure. I did so after I raised concerns that, while they do a good job training the pastors, they have little oversight on external influences affecting the local churches.
Then they asked me for examples which I was hesitant to give.  I then shared about charismatic-like practices and the role of women in the church. To make the story short,
They admitted that it was new and that it was done from pragmatic reasons. The theology of the church has not changed but the pastors felt like they needed to compete with other movements. This topic was an ice-breaker for me. Therefore, I moved on to the issue “du jour” with the question: are we now ordaining women to be preachers? Teren, Jennifer, and I were concerns about the matter because:
1.       A women preacher spoke for a week-long conference preaching that Male leadership is a man-made rule and that is was not biblical.
2.       When she asked to preach on Sunday morning the pastor who was invited to preach that morning handed over the pulpit to her.
3.       Two prominent churches have women assistant pastors “on staff/internship”.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear a firm, loud, and definitive NO without hesitation. They say that will never happen within the denomination. They also said that even the ladies do not want that.
The most impressive to me were the follow-up comments and discussions my question triggered. I will have to tell you the rest of the story in my final report as my plane in boarding in 6 minutes.
In the meantime, let’s praise God for his grace and goodness to His Church in Haiti. We (Teren, Jennifer and myself) were concerns about our experience during this trip but we can be relieved that God is still sustaining his church.

First post from August 19

The team traveled to Haiti between August 19 and 30.

Team member Teren Sechrist, Women’s Ministry teacher at Berean. will be teaching at the pastor’s wives conference from Deuteronomy. They expect about 300 ladies for six sessions in three days. There will also be a group traveling from Ontario teaching the women on Biblical Counseling.

  • Pray that the Word of God does the work of God to create and sustain the people of God.
  • Pray that God uses Teren and the Canadian ladies to disciple faithfully and that the Haitian women will in turn train others.
  • Pray also for unity in spirit between the teachers as they partner in God’s kingdom building.

Dr. Jennifer Winegarden also from Berean will be training doctors and pharmacists on the use of compound medicine. At this moment the basic ingredient for the training is not available at the hospital.

  • Pray that we find an easy way to get it to the hospital.
  • Pray that the medicine will be effective on the patients with serious never pains.
  • Pray also that the hospital staff understand the relatiionship between their faith and the care they provide to the sick.

Pierre will be teaching the pastors and youth pastors in the region of Aquin. He will be speaking on Biblical Theology and Expositional preaching to the pastors in the Aquin region and the MEBSH (Mission of Baptist Churches in the South of Haiti) Board.

  • Pray that Pierre doesn’t falter in his faith and that the Holy Spirit opens eyes and stirs in the pastors a strong desire to give themselves to preaching the Word of God.
  • Pray that God grant me His grace in getting all the logistics in place for all these activities.
  • Pray for my family and especially for the coming follow up doctor’s visit with Zacharie … that the new medicine has the expected effect in healing him from his HSP.