Our Leadership

Jeff McKeever

Senior Pastor
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After coming to Christ at the age of 28, Jeff was personally discipled and theologically trained at Berean Baptist Church of Livonia. That training prepared him for many years of hands-on ministry experience as an elder and teacher at Berean. Some ministries that he particularly loved overseeing were training teachers, leading international mission trips, and organizing the Michigan Bi-Annual Men’s Conference – Fellowship in the Gospel. It was also at Berean that he met his best friend, closest-confidante and love of his life, Courtney, whom God gave to him in marriage in 1998. Together they have three cherished children – Gabrielle, Aundrea and Josiah, whom he loves to spend time with and disciple.

Early in 2013, Berean sent Jeff on a mission – along with Tom Nestor from Lakes Baptist Church – to revitalize ULBC. By May, the church had called Jeff to serve as its interim pastor and finally called him as the permanent senior pastor on February 23, 2014. Jeff is passionate about preaching and teaching the Bible in a way that showcases God as a Redeemer of sinners, is committed to discipleship of all shapes and sizes, and desires to lead the local church in greater involvement in community outreach and world-wide missions.

Jeff’s secular training includes a Bachelor of Arts in English (with Secondary Teaching Certification) from Wayne State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from University of Detroit School of Law.

Cliff Buttermore

Lay Elder
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The Book of Proverbs offers these wise words in its third chapter, verses 27-28:

 Do not withhold good from those who deserve it
    when it’s in your power to help them.
If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say,
    “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”
                                             (New Living Translation)

The take-away from these wise words is: it is foolish to forsake an opportunity to help others when God joins their need with our ability to meet that need.

In 2012, during a ministry trip to Haiti Cliff came across an article about the sacredness of work. The composition explained Martin Luther’s view of work. Reading it radically changed the way Cliff looked at work and the world.  Over the next few years he continued to think about God and Work.  Eventually, he adopted a position that work as a church minister was not more important than work as a store owner, a stay at home wife, or a policeman or policewoman.  He did not come to the position that pastoral work was unimportant or unnecessary. He simply came to believe that all people in a church serve God and neighbor through their vocational callings.  The realization opened the door to transition out of full-time pastoral ministry after thirty years to step into the business world. It was a big and exciting step.

The move out of vocational church employment opened the door for he and his wife, Denise, to join hands with Jeff and Courtney in the work at Union Lake. As opportunity and need arise Cliff will teach and/or preach. He finds great joy in serving with his good brother Jeff and the good people of ULBC.

Joel Diffenderfer

Lay Elder

Joel spent the first few years of his Christian life as part of God’s church in Thailand and Japan. This served to reinforce Paul’s teaching on the church in Ephesians Chapter 2 – that its members are only brought to God through the blood of Christ; they have access together through one Spirit to the Father; and they are being build up together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

In 2013, Joel and his wife, Misti, moved to Michigan and began attending ULBC, where they have thrived in a body that seeks to serve one another in humility and make known the wisdom of God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. What a joy to be part of a body that seeks to build one another up in love while holding fast to its head, the risen Christ!

Now, God has given Joel the grace to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ as an elder of ULBC alongside Jeff and Cliff. He stands convicted by the role of elder described in Ephesians – not a lone minister of Christ, but one who strives to equip the saints (that is, all members of God’s church) for the work of the ministry and building up the body of Christ.

Joel is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and works for a Japanese company in Novi. He enjoys storytelling, playing games of all types with his wife, and reading.

Pierre Maceno

Lay Elder

Pierre was born and grew up in a Christian home in Haiti where his father, a pastor, would lead devotions every morning around the table. By God’s grace, Pierre professed Christ when he was 11 years old. He started serving in the local church at an early age as a Sunday school teacher and Youth Group leader until his family moved to Montreal.

Pierre continued to be a dedicated servant to the body of Christ in different ministries in Montreal, Paris, and Toronto, growing in the understanding of God’s Word under the leadership of faithful preachers.

For more than a decade in the U.S., he has been abundantly blessed by Charles Simeon Trust workshops, Together for the Gospel (T4G), The Gospel Coalition (TGC), and Fellowship in the Gospel conferences. It was through these spiritually rich events, that God burdened Pierre by reminding him of the spiritual famine in Haiti. It was this burden and many providential connections with the leadership of the churches there that he founded Levanjil ministry in 2010.

Now as an elder, God continues to use Pierre to train pastors abroad on expositional preaching and equip God’s people at ULBC.

Pierre studies Software Engineering at University of Quebec in Montreal and is now working for Siemens. He enjoys spending family time with his wife Sherri and his four children.

Dan Seidelman

Pastoral Assistant
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Dan was born and raised in Northwest Michigan, just outside of Traverse City. It was there God saved him and then, on a church mission trip to Youngstown, OH, called him to ministry.

After high school, Dan moved to Louisville, KY to be trained to serve the church at Boyce College. Desiring more training, he stayed in Louisville and completed a Master’s of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary emphasizing biblical counseling. During his time in Kentucky, he met his amazing wife, Krissy, and they were married in 2015. He also discovered his passion for teaching, discipleship, and caring for others through ministering in his local church.

In the fall of 2017, Dan and Krissy moved to Commerce Township so Dan could start at ULBC as the pastoral assistant and work with the youth.

As far as hobbies go, Dan freely admits that he is one of the more boring people he knows. He enjoys most anything to do with food – especially cooking and eating it, reading, and music from well before his time.

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